Mediation and Settlement Counseling

Our mediators are available to conduct mediations and provide settlement assistance to parties and their counsel throughout Florida and in other states, and regularly utilize both our Miami and Fort Lauderdale offices. They have served as  mediators in many hundreds of commercial litigation, bankruptcy, and other civil cases,  involving contract disputes of all types, actions on corporate and personal guaranties, insurance disputes, False Claims Act matters, condominium association disputes, environmental liabilities, executive employment disputes, aircraft purchase agreements, directors and officers liability, professional malpractice, business dissolutions, construction defects, bankruptcy and state law avoidance claims (including voidable preferences, fraudulent transfers, and Ponzi scheme clawbacks from net winners), as well as other commercial and financial matters.

Our mediators believe preparation is essential to effective mediation, and rely on both confidential submissions by the parties’ counsel and consultations with counsel in preparing to assist in settling their cases. In a “Settlement Counselor” role, they also assist counsel in the preparation for mediation proceedings scheduled before other mediators, and if requested serve as advocates or otherwise assist in settlement efforts (including pre-suit).




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